Mega Hammerhead Play Video

Our friends at National Geographic Wild love hammerhead sharks. And so do we. Why? Because they’re awesome. So we jumped at the chance when NGW challenged us to make a “Hammerhead 101” episode for their annual SharkFest. Teaming with shark researcher Dr. Neil Hammerschlag (who clearly was born for this episode) and underwater cinematographer Joe Romeiero, we set off to the Bahamas to find and tag the largest of them all – the great hammerhead shark.

The great hammerhead isn’t any old shark, so this couldn’t be any old shark show. We used cutting edge motion graphics and design to highlight all the incredible evolutionary traits of the hammerhead species. 360-degree vision? Check. Super-powered electrosensitivity? Check. Combining these graphics sequence with thrillingly up-close underwater interactions and epic aerial cinematography, we were able to create a comprehensive portrait of why this shark is unlike any other on the planet.