Blockchain Community

In a world where cryptocurrency is becoming the new way to purchase, EOS, a community owned blockchain producer, facilitates crytocurrency transactions. As a newly launched platform, EOS was looking for a company to produce a video to explain their services. And with cryptocurrency still a mystery to many, our challenge was to create a film that could explain EOS's function and help increase their investor-base to elect them as a cryptocurrency blockchain producer for transaction platforms.

After spending hours researching the ins-and-outs of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we applied our newfound knowledge to create both a character and story-driven explanation of how blockchain transactions work, and how blockchain producers are empowered by the token-holding community.

The result? A 90-second engaging animated film that showcases how EOS helps to simplify transactions through its decentralized autonomic community platform.


Infographic & Character Design
2D & 3D Animation
Sound Design & Mix

Character Design
The blockchain community is made up of actual people. People who code the platforms and people who use the platforms to make transactions. We designed 28 different characters that were used in our virtual EOS world.
Environmental Design
The community lives in a virtual world that we had to concept and create. Since blockchain is entirely virtual, we had to dream-up a world that people could understand, a world in which our characters could both live in and interact in.
Visualizing and Explaining the Blockchain
This was our biggest challenge. But first we had to understand it ourselves - this was no simple task. We used visual metaphors to explain the EOS platform and how it works with blockchain to perform transactions.