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Netflix Cheating (verb) /net•fliks CHēt•ing:  
The act of watching a show without your partner, even when you have agreed to watch together.

With a major Netflix Valentine Day’s campaign to launch, our friends at Edelman needed our help to solve a growing epidemic plaguing relationships around the globe: Netflix Cheating. Having been bitten by the bug ourselves, we signed on immediately. 

Our mission? Work with the legendary Michael Bolton to help cure the over one billion worldwide Netflix subscribers of this rampant problem. With humor and multilingualism, we produced a 60-second guide of how to say “I’m sorry.” Picked up by outlets like CNN, Mashable and Daily Mail, we were thrilled to have done our part to repair relationships around the globe.


Live-Action Production
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Editorial & Post
Color Correction
Audio Mix
Subtitles & Translation

Live-Action Production
We filmed Mr. Bolton over a weekend production day, and he really committed himself to the roll. Unafraid to poke fun at himself and play off of his reputation, his willingness to try anything for a laugh made the spot that much better.