Youtube Red
Youth & Consequences

Youth & Consequences premiered as YouTube Red’s spring flagship series, lauded as a “woke” version of Mean Girls. Jason Ubaldi, the writer and creator, has worked extensively with the partners of Radley over the last 15 years, so we were stoked when he called and asked us to design the graphics for the show. Produced for a digital platform in the digital era featuring social-media stars, it was imperative for the show to authentically portray the digital interactions of today’s youth in a modern high school atmosphere.

Our challenge was to produce an extensive graphics package that could fuse seamlessly within the Gen Z voice and quick pace of the show. To create the visual texture of the photographs, we printed the title type, dirtied it up, ripped it into two pieces, then scanned it for use in the title animation. We then animated in a staccato style, mimicking a frenetic edit. Finally, we customized each episode’s open with an “Easter egg” that foreshadowed specific story developments.

Ultimately, we designed and implemented every graphic featured on screen and we are proud to have contributed to such an ambitious series that takes on timely issues like feminism and gender identity.


Design & Animation

We were inspired by the photo wall in the bedroom of the show’s main character Farrah. We stylized and adapted that collage of imagery and utilized it as a representation of the many storylines and issues covered in the series.