Radley is a content and design studio founded in 2010. We create television, cross-platform marketing campaigns, and new consumer brands.

What We Do

We create to connect. It’s what keeps us up nights and gets us going in the morning. We’re after that punch in the gut, lump in your throat, laugh ’til you can’t breathe feeling that comes when you strike common ground and share a way of looking at the world.

We chase that feeling with story and design, sound and picture, with old techniques and new ideas. We share on screens small and large, in spaces digital and analog. We create as a team, who love and fight like family but always put the project first.

Christian Thompson

Chief of Operations

Kurt Spenser

Chief Creative Officer

Antonio Cicarelli

Executive Design Director

Brandon Hill

President, Television

Brandon Pleus

Sr. Executive Producer

John Priday

Creative Director, Branding & Design

Christie McConnell

Head of Development

Liah Kim

Executive Producer

Liz Lisk

Head of Finance

Beau Nilsson

Director, Operations & Post

Bill Sebastian


Drake Chandler

Designer / Animator

Greg Ripes

Audio Director

Lise Dupuis

Sr. Art Director

Heather Klinke

Office Manager

Jon Hood

Lead Accountant

Keith Van Orden

Productions and Operations Coordinator

Kevin Velasquez

Art Director

Lucy Worrall


Jake Madfis


Matt Seidner


How We Work


The guy walks into a bar, David faces down Goliath, and the rag-tag crew saddles up for one last job. We believe in stories in a big way, and we tell them in everything we do.


People haven’t changed – but the world we live in changes constantly. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a thirty foot screen or in someone’s pocket — connect and you win.


Design is a way of thinking, not a software program or skillset. We’re obsessed with the way stories, products and brands look, feel and work. We tinker. We tweak. We sweat the small stuff because it’s the way you turn good into great.

Who We Work With