Almond Breeze

When Almond Breeze needed to find the best way to ask consumers to make the switch from skim milk to almond milk, our frequent partner’s at The Marketing Arm (TMA) called on us to help them bring another exciting collaboration to life. Needless to say, we were thirsty to help them find the perfect solution.

Our plan? To start, we wanted to make this product look absolutely delicious. We worked closely with TMA’s concepts, devised a director’s treatment, sketched storyboards, and proceeded to build our own kitchen sets – bright, open, modern craftsman style, to be precise. Through the magic of post, we arrived at our result: perfectly capturing the delectable nature of this natural dairy alternative. This delicious multi-platform campaign left audiences wanting to reach for a glass of this tasty, good-for-you drink.
Creative Strategy
Live action production
Art Direction
Editorial & Color Correction

3x :15s commercial spots