Spieth Fandome

To bring it’s most important Golf activations together, AT&T wanted to build an immersive on-site experience for the 2017 Pebble Beach Open and Byron Nelson Tournaments featuring the world’s top golfer, Jordan Spieth. With our passion for sports and expertise in storytelling, design and experiential activations, The Marketing Arm (TMA) approached us to create Jordan Spieth’s “Course of Life,” taking the audience from Jordan’s childhood through his most recent victories, through the lens of AT&T. From initial concept, design and mockups, to production with Jordan, to animation and technical delivery of the final hemispheric dome files, we brought TMA’s vision to life in this experiential activation. 

After a rigorous production process, our final 360-degree animation was projected via a seamless timeline inside the dome. Located on the course, the AT&T dome gave fans a new way to get to know one of golf’s biggest superstars. This collaboration with TMA was so successful, that we’re in the process of launching our second AT&T Fan Dome experience for the 2018 Pebble Beach Open. This year’s Dome will expand to feature three separate dome creatives.
Live-Action Production, Design, Animation, Edit

360 degree 60' Dome experience animation, VR Experience
Behind the scenes
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