RIO 2016 

In sponsoring the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Cisco’s influence went far beyond the athletes they supported and events they hosted during those 3 weeks. They wanted to contribute an infrastructure that not only connected more people to the Games than ever before, but also one that would leave behind a Brasil. 
Live action production
Editorial, Post
Design, Animation
We captured the entire scope of Cisco’s initiative with more than 30 days of jam-packed filming across 3 trips to Rio (and a few days in Sao Paulo); with so many stories to tell that we often deployed 4 crews to canvas the city.
Archery, judo, Paralympics, educational centers, technological innovation, B2B initiatives, arts and culture…those are just some of the stories we touched on in the 40+ spots we delivered to support the campaign…along with same-day social media content executed on the ground during the Games. Maravilhoso, if we may say so ourselves.