Deadliest Shark

What if the deadliest shark of all time… is a shark you’ve never even heard of? When renowned shark scientist Dr. Michael Domeier posed this question, we decided this was a mystery worth exploring. We teamed up with Discovery Channel for our very first episode of Shark Week, venturing deep into the open ocean to find and film the elusive oceanic white tip shark.
Live action production
Editorial, Post
Design & animation
Music Supervision

Running Time
42 minutes
Our goal was to create a visceral and cinematic underwater adventure worthy of the Shark Week brand, while still integrating a conservation message to bring awareness to the Oceanic White Tip's plight (overfishing and shark finning has cut their populations by over 90%). In the end, we felt we accomplished our job, putting a unique Radley-spin on Shark Week 2016, and creating a little “Shark and Awe” of our own.