The Department

What does it take to be a good cop? Partnering with acclaimed filmmaker Shaul Schwarz, Radley spent a year gaining access to the Tulsa Police Department and challenged our team to answer that question. Shooting with small, agile crews, we set out to capture an honest portrayal of a police force fighting to win back the public’s trust. 
Show concept
Live action production
Editorial, post
Design, animation

Crime docu-series, unscripted
Our unprecedented access showed a modern police force utilizing every department – from the manhunters of fugitive warrants, to the high-tech tools of CSI, to the beat officers tirelessly patrolling the city – all working together to bring criminals to justice. The resulting reel for The Department was picked up by TNT to go to pilot (available upon request).
Design added a bold cinematic sheen, but also served a functional aspect, providing details of the case with embedded text and information.