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Launching a network is always a giant team effort. Launching a network for a conference that’s home to more NCAA Championships than any other, and has six regional, one national, and a digital channel — that’s controlled chaos. The timeline was tight, the bar was set high, and the resources were constrained (a narrative that a lot of Pac 12 born startups can empathize with.) We couldn’t have been prouder to be part of it. The athletes of the Pac 12 go west to compete against the best in the world. The battles are epic, fast paced, and personal. We wanted the prelude to every sporting event — football, basketball, soccer, swim or track — to embody that pride and make an emotional connection.
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It's in our blood
There’s a lot of Pac 12 pride at Radley — we’ve got Alumnus from Stanford, USC, and Colorado on staff — so when we were asked to join the team and help launch the network of the “Conference of Champions” we knew we had to bring our A game.
21 Sports, One look.
The Pac 12 network wanted to build an overarching brand that was cutting edge, forward thinking, and tech driven. We shot original footage and built a hyper-real branded world inspired by the landscapes of the west, literal graphic connections, and the speed of competition. Design and packaging had to work across sports, schools, and seasons.
"We laid out the vision, assembled the best team possible, and ran like hell"