Can a story be too big for a headline? Our series Tabloid on Investigation Discovery dares to explore the stories that are more than fiction, better than news, and unbelievably true. The world of Tabloid is rich and varied – from the horrible murder behind the notorious headline “Headless Body Found In Topless Bar” to the infamous LA rich kids behind “The Bling Ring”.  We leveraged Radley’s unique skillset to create a series that felt fresh and unique, while still maintaining the core of great storytelling that has made ID such an incredible success.
Live action production
Editorial, Post
Design, Animation
Music Supervision

2 seasons
20 episodes
42 minutes each

Crime Reenactment
We leveraged Radley’s varied background and unique skill set to create a world that felt distinctively “Tabloid.” Cinematic, emotional recreations and compelling story lines are tied together with a richly designed graphic environment.
“Tabloid” premiered to stellar ratings. With over a million viewers tuning in to our premier episode presided over by our host Jerry Springer.