Brand Design

When Veria Living, a multi-platform home to the world’s largest line-up of first-run, original wellness programming, came to us with an opportunity to help build their brand, we connected with the message immediately.

To standout in the crowded lifestyle space, the network wanted to cast-aside the old notions of “alternative” holistic medicine and health, and embody a new attitude they coined as “pop wellness” — which they defined as a marriage between the organic, natural world and the world of pop culture, entertainment, and style. Our challenge was to create the visual language and communication system that expressed their new brand vision and give a look and feel to this “pop wellness” platform. 

Our strategy was to construct an identity that felt contemporary and relevant — to capture an idea that was at the heart of today’s notion of successful living. From design concepts, to animation, to live action production, we used our creative insights and expertise to bring Veria’s vision to life.
The result? A unique and exciting lifestyle network that would appeal to any individual on a journey to a healthier, happier life: mind, body and soul.
Create a branding system for a hollisitic health network that focuses on "pop wellness" for a modern audience.

Brand Strategy
Design & Animation
Live Action Production
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When we were awarded the opportunity to create the on-air identity of Veria Living we couldn’t wait to dig in, get our hands dirty, and define the look of “pop wellness.”
We wanted to create a language that was bold, provocative, and joyous. We started with design thinking, grouping the network’s content into three main categories: Active Wellness, Nutrition, and Healing/Prevention. From these categories, we developed a design framework comprising a color system, composition guidelines, channel ID’s, and point of view that served as the basis for network ID’s, on-air, and promo packages.
Brand Assets
Radley was tapped to create all elements for the brand. We created a branding system of graphics that spanned web, television and social. To Augment this visual identity we shot original elements. Everything from yoga instructors to flying vegetables to and acupuncturist doing a treatment. We created a complete library of elements the brand could draw from to build their identity.