Fox Sports 1
Golden Boy Boxing Network Campaign

Our mission was to create a spot that would generate buzz and excitement leading up to the event, so we thought about what makes boxing great: it’s bold, it’s in your face, it’s flashy and it’s sudden. Embracing those key tenets, we built an explosive design aesthetic that visually drove the spot, accompanied by a thumping music track and sound effects to heighten the intensity. The final spot was a good old-fashioned slobberknocker, harkening back to the glory days of boxing. Fox Sports 1 was so thrilled with the success of the spot that they chose to use the graphics package and template we developed for all of their live boxing spots over the next two years.


Sound Design
Audio Mix

Design & Animation
We used various shots of Brooklyn (the fight’s location) as the backdrop for our designs, which FS1 carried through subsequent Fight Nights, giving each a unique feel. 3-D typography was custom-built to give the fight an epic feel, and was accentuated with gritty and rugged textures that embodied the hard-nosed aesthetic of boxing.