PAC 12
Network Launch

Launching a network is always a giant team effort. Launching a network for a conference that’s home to more NCAA Championships than any other and airs across one national, one digital and six regional channels — that’s controlled chaos. There’s a lot of Pac-12 pride at Radley — it’s in our blood. We’ve got alumni from Stanford, USC, and Colorado on staff — so when we were asked to join the team and help launch a network for the “Conference of Champions,” we knew we had to bring our A game.

With 21 unique sports to consider, the Pac-12 Network wanted to build a cohesive and overarching brand that was cutting-edge, forward-thinking, and tech-driven. The timeline was tight, the bar was set high and the resources were constrained (a narrative that a lot of Pac-12-born startups can empathize with). The athletes of the Pac-12 go west to compete against the best in the world, and their battles are epic, fast-paced and personal. We wanted the prelude to every sporting event — football, basketball, soccer, swim or track — to embody that pride and make an emotional connection. We couldn’t have been prouder to be part of it.


Design & Animation
Live-Action Production
Editorial & Post

Live-Action Production
We shot original footage across 20+ sports over five filming days, exclusively casting former collegiate athletes to maintain an authentic feel.
Branding & Design
The packaging was built to have the flexibility to work across sports, schools and seasons, using design that complemented the Pac-12 color palette.
Animation & Compositing
Within a hyperreal branded world, we animated literal graphic connections that simulated the speed of competition across the various sports.