GEKO Digital Campaign

GEKO is a core, patented technology produced by the leading performance brand, ROKA. Inspired by the soft but amazingly sticky feet of the Gecko, the specialized GEKO fit and retention system features proprietary plastic nose and temple pads that are hydrophilic (moisture absorbing), chemical resistant, and supports multi-directional traction with comfort. Basically, no matter your level of activity or how intensely you work out, these glasses are designed to stay put.

We positioned the design as “evolved over a billion years” because, let’s face it, nothing is more impressive than Mother Nature; we also opted to film actual geckos to capture the amazing details of their claws that inspired the eyewear. We then took the footage and integrated graphics and effects to create a fast moving, dynamic piece that highlights the unique technology. The video has garnered  over a half-million YouTube views to date.


Creative Development
Live-Action Production
Design & Animation
Editorial & Post
Sound Mixing

Live-Action Production
After “casting” a few live geckos in the Radley studio, we filmed them on a custom tabletop rig, using a macro lens to capture every tiny detail.
Design & Animation
We composited the live-action gecko footage against intricate 2D and 3D elements to convey the impressive micro details of Roka’s eyewear innovations.
Editorial and Finishing
Taking the composited scenes from animation to the edit bay, we incorporated provocative sound design to demonstrate complex tech features via a first class viewing experience